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Post your chart on your refrigerator, or somewhere that you will see it often. The more I look at my chart, the more intense I get about paying it off, and the more progress I make.

Each chart is in PDF format, and prints vertically.

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What Charts do you need?

I have several new charts in mind:

Stupid Tax or Murphy Repellant for Dave Ramsey fans
$1000 Emergency Fund (or $500, or $2000, etc.)
Kids charts for saving up for an iPod or bike or Wii
Bank Loan
Road Trip
Holiday Travel
Family Vacation

My question is, what would you like?
Do any of these sound useful to you?

I'd love to hear your feedback, and any new chart requests are welcome.


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Master Card Payoff Chart

Download the Master Card Payoff Chart here.

iPad Savings Chart

Is saving up for an iPad one of your goals? Here is a chart to help you track your progress.

Requested by Stephen

Download the iPad Savings Chart here.

Discover Card Payoff Chart

Download the Discover Card Payoff Chart here.

Visa Card Payoff Chart

Download the Visa Card Payoff Chart here.

6 Month Emergency Fund Chart

For all those who don't wish to call their Emergency Fund a FFEF (a'la Dave Ramsey), here is a good ol' 6 Month Emergency Fund Chart.

Download the 6 Month Emergency Fund Chart here.

Should I also make a 12 Month Emergency Fund? Or one with just Emergency Fund?