Debt Free Charts: July 2010

Wedding Debt/Savings Chart

If a wedding is in your near future, this chart will help you with your savings goal. Much better to plan ahead and save for your wedding, or that of your child, than to rack up debt and feel a little black cloud following you around the during the festivities.

If you already have a debt to repay for wedding expenses, you can use this chart as well in tracking your payoff.

Home Savings Chart

This chart has many uses - Home Down Payment, Home Improvement, Home Mortgage Payoff, etc.

Ahhhh, saving for a down payment. Try to set your goal for at least a 20% down payment, based on the current listings of the type of home you are interested in. If you live in an area where you can purchase a house for under three times your annual income, consider saving 50% - 100% down.

Car Loan Payoff Chart

Here is a chart for you car loan payoff. Pretty self explanatory, don't 'cha think?

Credit Cards Chart

Here is a chart to help you track all credit cards in one lump sum. This is good to use along side a specific credit card chart when you have multiple cards to pay off.

Get the Credit Cards chart here.

Debt Free Chart

This is the original Debt Free chart. I use this one along with whatever debt is currently on the chopping block, and post them side by side on my fridge. It can be overwhelming to see such little progress if you are starting with a whopper of a debt mountain, so using another chart for whatever individual debt is currently being worked on is a great help.

It takes a fair amount of bravery to fill in the numbers on this chart and post it in plain view. If this one becomes discouraging instead of encouraging to you, put it away for a while, and come back to fill in your progress after 6 months or so.

Get the Debt Free Chart here.