Debt Free Charts: 2017

New Website Coming Soon!

Well I finally got tired of trying to work around the file storage system that stopped working. I've decided to start fresh with a brand new website, and lots of new charts too! All those charts you have been requesting are coming!

Here is a sneak peek of the new site.

And I think being able to see all the charts at a glance like this is so much more fun!

Don't worry, all the debt payoff charts are still FREE! But this delivery system will be much more stable, no more broken links!

If you want to be notified when the new site launches in January, just scroll up to the top of the page and enter your email address and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop (hint - no more blogspot :) )

Do you have another chart request? Comment below!

Starter Emergency Fund

For those who don't really like calling their first emergency fund a "Baby Emergency Fund", here is a more universal name - Starter Emergency Fund.

Download the Starter Emergency Fund here.