Debt Free Charts: How To Use

How To Use

Fill in your total debt (or savings goal) amount at the top right of the chart, divide your total debt by the number of lines to fill in (most charts have 25, some have 20) and enter that on there first short line above $0 at the bottom of the chart. Then fill in the rest of the amounts up the chart, adding your base number each time.

For example, if your total debt is $10,000, then enter that at the top, enter $400 (10,000/25=400) on the short line above the $0, $800 on the next short line up, then $1200 and so on.

Each time you make a payment, or add to your savings, fill in the chart with a colored marker. I like to use one color per month, so I can see at a glance how I'm doing.

I got a note that an example of a filled in chart may be helpful, so here it is. I've filled this one in according to the directions above (and on the right sidebar), using the same amounts listed. Use whatever color pens inspire you, or you have on hand... or that match your decorating. I used highlighters because they were close by. I've also been known to write the actual dollar amount paid and the date each time with a notation on the left side of the chart. If you are using several charts at once, a different color, or set of colors, for each chart would work well too.

Please let me know how the charts are working for you, and where you have them posted. I'd love to hear from you, really!


  1. Awesome charts! I am actually whiting out the $0 and reversing it so it counts down my debt. Starting with total owed at the bottom and as I go up it'll take me down to $0 owed. These are awesome for people who like to SEE progress! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Any tips for adding interest charges in?

  3. Shocked that there are no other comments. Thank you soo much for these charts. Very kind of you to share them

  4. Regarding interest charges, I would simply mark off to the new balance, which means you are not necessarily recording how much you actually paid off each month (as some of that payment goes to the interest) but recording the new balance after each payment. I hope that helps. Heidi @ DebtFreeCharts


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