Debt Free Charts: 2010
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Post your chart on your refrigerator, or somewhere that you will see it often. The more I look at my chart, the more intense I get about paying it off, and the more progress I make.

Each chart is in PDF format, and prints vertically.

Feel Free to copy the charts and share them with others.

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Whoops! The charts are temporarily unavailable - I'll get them working again asap - thanks for your interest in Debt Free Charts.

Many charts have been restored. Those where the entire sentence is a link have been fixed. Thank for you patience.

Visual Aid

I got a note that an example of a filled in chart may be helpful, so here it is. I've filled this one in according to the directions I gave on the side, using the same amounts listed. Use whatever color pens inspire you, or you have on hand... or that match your decorating. I used highlighers because they were close by. I've also been known to write the actual dollar amount paid and the date each time with a notation on the left side of the chart. If you are using several charts at once, a different color, or set of colors, for each chart would work well too.

Please let me know how the charts are working for you, and where you have them posted. I'd love to hear from you, really!

YNAB Buffer Savings Chart

YNAB "You Need A Budget" is a fantastic budgeting program, and the only personal finance software I'm aware of that actually tracks your budget as you go through the month, telling you how much money you have left to spend, which really helps to keep me on track.

The YNAB "Buffer" is part of the methodology of the program, which is step four in their plan - "Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck" by saving enough cash to cover a month of expenses, then living off last month's income. Say you have $3000 per month in expenses, use this chart to visually track your Buffer savings, and when you are up to $3000, bank your paychecks this month (which become next month's Buffer), and pay all your expenses out of the Buffer. This way, you are never at the edge of your money, and it is a great relief.

As is stated on the YNAB site -
"You’ll find breathing room. You’ll stop wasting time by timing paychecks with bills, and if you’re on a variable income, your budgeting “problem” will be eliminated."

Download the YNAB Buffer Savings Chart here.

Van Savings Chart

Here is a Van Chart for those of you who like to be more specific.

Download the Van Savings Chart here.

Baby Savings Fund Chart

When a baby is on the way, stockpile as much cash as you can. You want the birth of your baby to be a joyous occasion, and to be able to pay for any of the unforseen expenses that always seem to appear.

Vacation Savings Chart

Vacations are so much more relaxing when you know you won't be returning home with a maxed out credit card. Save up and pay cash, and commit to never going back and charging a vacation again.

Adoption Fund Savings Chart

Adding to your family through adoption will bring you many blessings. What it shouldn't bring you is a load of debt. Use this chart to track your savings and bring home that bundle of joy with no debt attached.

Car Savings Chart

Buying you next car with cash will be easier with this chart on your fridge. Instead of making a car payment, drive a cheap old car for a while, and make the 'payment' to your Car Savings fund. Then you can pay cash and never have a car loan again.

Baby Emergency Fund Savings Chart

I know it sounds like a fund for an unexpeded baby, but that is not the case.

The Baby Emergency Fund is the first step in the journey to Debt Freedom. Save $1000 fast, sell something, have a yard sale, deliver pizzas, take a side job, whatever it takes to get that cushion built quickly.

I have left the numbers off this one, even though most will use $1000 as their goal. Dave Ramsey recommends that those earning smaller incomes start with a $500 Baby Emergency Fund, and I know many whom have decided that $1000 just wasn't enough distance between them and Murphy, so the Baby Emergency Fund can be anywhere from $500 to $2500 or more, depending on your situation.

Disney Savings Chart

While I don't encourage saving for a Disney vacation while you are paying off debt, I know that some will do in anyway. Whether your debts are paid off or not, saving up for your vacation, and coming home to no new debt is priceless.

Credit Card Payoff Chart

This chart is for a singular credit card. The chart in the post below is for multiple cards.

Download the Credit Card Chart here.

Friend Loan Payoff Chart

If you have any loans from friends, pay them off first! Family can wait behind friends, as family will always be family, but you can lose friendships over money very quickly. So, pay back friends first, family second, and then work smallest debt to largest.

Family Loan Payoff Chart

If you owe anyone in your family money, I urge you to pay them off first or as soon as humanly possible. There is nothing worse for family relationships than a loan hanging over it.

Download the Family Loan Chart here.

Second Mortgage Payoff Chart

Download the Second Mortgage Chart here.

Medical Bills Payoff Chart

Wedding Debt/Savings Chart

If a wedding is in your near future, this chart will help you with your savings goal. Much better to plan ahead and save for your wedding, or that of your child, than to rack up debt and feel a little black cloud following you around the during the festivities.

If you already have a debt to repay for wedding expenses, you can use this chart as well in tracking your payoff.

Home Savings Chart

This chart has many uses - Home Down Payment, Home Improvement, Home Mortgage Payoff, etc.

Ahhhh, saving for a down payment. Try to set your goal for at least a 20% down payment, based on the current listings of the type of home you are interested in. If you live in an area where you can purchase a house for under three times your annual income, consider saving 50% - 100% down.

Download the Home Down Payment Savings chart here.

Car Loan Payoff Chart

Here is a chart for you car loan payoff. Pretty self explanatory, don't 'cha think?

Fully Financed Emergency Fund Savings Chart

If you've graduated out of the Debt Payoff portion of your journey to financial freedom, you will likely need this chart next. Use it the same way as the payoff charts, but this time, the money you are paying is going into your own savings account! This chart will really help you not to lose focus as many do during this period. Stay on course and get the Fully Funded Emergecy Fund of 3-6 months of expenses in the bank before you relax too much.

Mom and Dad Payoff Chart

I agree wholeheartedly with Dave Ramsey on this one, pay off your familiy first, above all other loans. Nothing will strain your family relationships more than being slave to them. If you have a loan from your parents, use this chart to help you see your payoff progress.

Download your Mom and Dad Payoff Chart here.

Sallie Mae Payoff Chart

Sallie Mae - Ugh. I hope this chart is helpful for you in getting rid of your student loans.

Home Equity Payoff Chart

Not that it needs an explanation, but hey, I tend to over-explain things anyway, so... this chart will help you track your Home Equity loan, with a nice graphic image to look at along the way.

Credit Cards Chart

Here is a chart to help you track all credit cards in one lump sum. This is good to use along side a specific credit card chart when you have multiple cards to pay off.

Download the Credit Cards chart here.

Debt Free Chart

This is the original Debt Free chart. I use this one along with whatever debt is currently on the chopping block, and post them side by side on my fridge. It can be overwhelming to see such little progress if you are starting with a whopper of a debt mountain, so using another chart for whatever individual debt is currently being worked on is a great help.

It takes a fair amount of bravery to fill in the numbers on this chart and post it in plain view. If this one becomes discouraging instead of encouraging to you, put it away for a while, and come back to fill in your progress after 6 months or so.

Download the Debt Free Chart here.