Debt Free Charts: YNAB Buffer Savings Chart

YNAB Buffer Savings Chart

YNAB "You Need A Budget" is a fantastic budgeting program, and the only personal finance software I'm aware of that actually tracks your budget as you go through the month, telling you how much money you have left to spend, which really helps to keep me on track.

The YNAB "Buffer" is part of the methodology of the program, which is step four in their plan - "Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck" by saving enough cash to cover a month of expenses, then living off last month's income. Say you have $3000 per month in expenses, use this chart to visually track your Buffer savings, and when you are up to $3000, bank your paychecks this month (which become next month's Buffer), and pay all your expenses out of the Buffer. This way, you are never at the edge of your money, and it is a great relief.

As is stated on the YNAB site -
"You’ll find breathing room. You’ll stop wasting time by timing paychecks with bills, and if you’re on a variable income, your budgeting “problem” will be eliminated."

Download the YNAB Buffer Savings Chart here.

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