All charts are FREE for you to download

Post your chart on your refrigerator, or somewhere that you will see it often. The more I look at my chart, the more intense I get about paying it off, and the more progress I make.

Each chart is in PDF format, and prints vertically.

Feel Free to copy the charts and share them with others.

Click HERE for instructions on using your chart.

Visual Aid

I got a note that an example of a filled in chart may be helpful, so here it is. I've filled this one in according to the directions I gave on the side, using the same amounts listed. Use whatever color pens inspire you, or you have on hand... or that match your decorating. I used highlighers because they were close by. I've also been known to write the actual dollar amount paid and the date each time with a notation on the left side of the chart. If you are using several charts at once, a different color, or set of colors, for each chart would work well too.

Please let me know how the charts are working for you, and where you have them posted. I'd love to hear from you, really!


  1. Hi,

    Can you do custom? I am saving for a new Ipad.

  2. Hi Stephen, I would be happy to! I'll add it to the next batch of charts coming very soon. Thanks!

  3. Oh, just the coolest thing ever! Thank you so much for sharing these. This is so much better than what I was hoping for when I googled. Thank you!!!

    1. I searched for "debt pay off chart"

  4. I like these debt free charts that you have created. They are so cute (and creative)

  5. Your charts are great! Can you do just a generic loan chart or a bank loan chart? Thank you :)

  6. Thank you for these charts! I've been trying to become debt free for years and I really think having a visual aid will help me remain "gazelle intense"!

  7. So excited to use this! Unfortunately we owe the in laws quite a bit of money, and I came to Pinterest looking for some kind of chart I could use to help me. I know that visual aid will be so helpful. Thanks!

  8. Can you make one that says LAW SCHOOL LOAN? That is the only debt we have left and this would be such a great motivator!! Thanks

  9. Hi, Can you make one that says Camper Loan? I am hoping these charts keep us motivated. :) Thanks!


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