Debt Free Charts: 6 Month Emergency Fund Chart

6 Month Emergency Fund Chart

For all those who don't wish to call their Emergency Fund a FFEF (a'la Dave Ramsey), here is a good ol' 6 Month Emergency Fund Chart.

Download the 6 Month Emergency Fund Chart here.


  1. Hey Heidi!
    Yes :) I would like one for the (baby step one) EMERGENCY FUND...just got new ink for my printer...can't wait to print these out and start coloring...yay!
    (it will make it much more fun to save)!
    You are Awesome!
    Thank You!

  2. Would love just an "Emergency Fund" one! These charts are great by the way! Thanks so much!

  3. Agree! I'd love just "Emergency Fund"

  4. Could you do one that is for "savings". Thanks so much!


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